Specialists in professional WordPress website solutions, we offer a range of fully inclusive package deals at fixed prices.

AKIS Fully Inclusive Web Hosting – Exclusive to our “Website Solutions” clients.

Server Tech

Website Hosting, Domain Name & Management Package: Fully Inclusive “HOST”
Exclusive to our AKIS “Website Solutions” clients (more than a hosting service).

Hassle Free Hosting!
With our fully inclusive website “design and host” packages we deal with the day-to-day management and administration of your web hosting account, so you don’t have to. Your annual fee covers the day-to-day management, routine admin tasks, adding and managing email accounts when needed, plus other general hosting tasks (unlike our stand-alone DIY web hosting packages, where you would need to carry out all hosting and email admin tasks, set up email accounts, deal with your domain name renewal, etc).

UK Based Hosting – Servers In The UK
Unlike many other providers, our servers are located in a UK data centre.  Many other cheaper providers use servers located in Germany or the US for instance.  However we feel it is important that UK websites be hosted on servers in a UK data centre rather than foreign/overseas data centres. UK data centres provide faster website access for UK visitors and aid inclusion in “Google UK” search results – plus lets you be safe in the knowledge that a UK data centre is subject to UK laws and regulations.

All Accounts Include

  • Professional reliable AKIS hosting account on state of the art servers
  • Annual domain name renewal included free of charge
  • Disk space allowance to suit your website size and email usage
  • Monthly Data Transfer Allowance to suit your website size and type
  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts – anything@yourdomain.com
  • SMTP Outgoing Server – Your own outgoing mailserver
  • Webmail Facility (check & compose email on any PC, anywhere, anytime)
  • Anti-Spam email scanning – cut down on junk spam mail!
  • Graphical website visitor statistics (Webalizer) – track visitors and traffic
  • All general hosting & domain management and admin handled by AKIS
 HOST.01 – £110/year – 150 Mb Disk Space + 5 Gb Monthly Transfer

 HOST.02 – £140/year – 250 Mb Disk Space + 5 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.03 – £165/year – 350 Mb Disk Space + 5 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.04 – £200/year – 500 Mb Disk Space + 10 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.05 – £250/year – 600 Mb Disk Space + 15 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.06 – £280/year – 750 Mb Disk Space + 25 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.07 – £300/year – 1 Gb Disk Space + 30 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.08 – £340/year – 1 Gb Disk Space + 50 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.09 – £450/year – 1.5 Gb Disk Space + 70 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.10 – £500/year – 2 Gb Disk Space + 80 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.11 – £550/year – 2.5 Gb Disk Space + 90 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.12 – £600/year – 3 Gb Disk Space + 100 Gb Monthly Transfer
 HOST.XXContact us for bigger than HOST.12 if you don’t need VPS
 AKIS.VPS – £1,200/year – 20 Gb Disk Space + 250 Gb Monthly Transfer
 AKIS.VPS – £115/month - 20 Gb Disk Space + 250 Gb Monthly Transfer