Specialists in professional WordPress website solutions, we offer a range of fully inclusive package deals at fixed prices.

CMS Websites – Fully Inclusive WordPress CMS (Self-Update) Website Package Deals


£ 545.00

  • 5 Page Website
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • 1 Year Free HOST.2
  • 1 Year CMS Updates*
  • *For free then £50/pa

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£ 695.00

  • 10 Page Website
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • 1 Year Free HOST.2
  • 1 Year CMS Updates*
  • *For free then £50/pa

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  • 25 Page Website
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • 1 Year Free HOST.3
  • 1 Year CMS Updates*
  • *For free then £75/pa

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£ 50/page

  • 26+ Page Website
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • 1 Year Free HOST.4
  • 1 Year CMS Updates*
  • *For free then £100/pa

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WordPress CMS Website Package Deal Information

WordPress CMS self-editable website packages including domain name & hosting – From Only £545!

These affordable packages provide everything you need to promote your business online including a domain name purchase, a website design, website development, website hosting, and search engine submissions, all for a fixed listed cost. We will create an affordable, effective and professional website tailored to suit your specific business needs. We will ensure that your site is accessible, easy to navigate, has a consistent look and feel throughout and is optimised with suitable keywords to achieve favourable search engine rankings. Explore the tabs above for further information.

Standard features included in all these website packages

  • Huge choice of core designs to choose from – see the Design Choices & Process tab above for more info.
  • Some form of multi-image slideshow type feature included on homepage to add interest if desired.
  • Supply of high quality stock images included from Photodune (or your own images supplied and used).
  • Advice and assistance in preparing content to include your targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Submission of your completed website to Google and Bing.
  • 1 year web hosting + 1 year domain name fees – see our Inclusive Web Hosting page for hosting details & costs.
  • Professional POP3/IMAP mailbox email accounts/addresses and your own outgoing mailserver & webmail access.

Content Management System (CMS) Information – i.e. “how you can self-update your site”

Q: What is a CMS / Content Management System? 
A: In short, it’s web based software that provides  an ‘online editor’ designed to allow users with no knowledge of website programming to create and manage website content with relative ease.

We specialise in website solutions using WordPress which is an industry standard, highly acclaimed, Content Management System (CMS) allowing  you to self-edit/update your own website.  This range of self update website packages are available at low and affordable prices providing websites that are fully self-editable by clients. You can even contact us for 3 day evaluation access onto our “testing site” allowing you to try-before-you-buy!

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS with over 70 million users and powers over 17% of all websites worldwide!

Wide Range of Designs to Choose From
To speed up the website build process and keep prices low, all of our websites are now built using the WordPress system. This means all our websites consist of a) WordPress at the website core, and b) a premium quality WordPress Theme/ Design – these being pre-made premium quality bare-bones designs ready to be customised to reflect your business needs creating a unique and professional website.  This allows you to explore a huge range of possible website designs at your leisure.  This route also has the added benefit of a shorter development time meaning your site can be up and running within days/weeks rather than months.

Over the years we found most client’s didn’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a design and this process alone could take many weeks – we also found that when offered, most clients preferred to choose a design from a range presented to them –  on which to base their website rather than having one designed from scratch. Easier and faster.  

Worried about quality?
Don’t be!  To prove a point, we have built this current AKIS website using the exact same method as we’ll be building your site.  Yes! this very website has WordPress at the core and had a Premium WordPress Theme installed and then fully customised to create the site you see in front of you now. We hope you like it.  Have a look at our portfolio to view other websites built in the same way.

Is there a wide range?
Yes! We can offer a huge selection of base designs/core layouts – over 1,000 to choose from with more being added each day – but we keep a special AKIS shortlist of the best 100 designs offering the latest and greatest cutting edge website designs. Although there are many many Premium WordPress Theme suppliers and websites, we prefer to work with ThemeForest who are a known and trusted supplier with a good reputation.  We are satisfied that they are well established, provide a quality product and offer reliable support for any queries on their designs.

We Will Guide Your Design Choice
You can look through the full range yourself if you’re happy doing that, but given the hundreds of themes on offer, we highly recommend you let us create a shortlist. We will look at your business type, website structure, design and navigation requirements then carry out our own detailed search and present you with an appropriate shortlist of designs we think you’ll like.  Then we work closely with you to choose the ideal final design / theme to use as the basis for your new website.

Remember – No Risk!
You don’t need to pay your project’s Stage 1 Payment to us until you have satisfied yourself that there are one or more designs /themes that you feel suit your needs.

Website Build Time

  • CMS.05 – 5 Page site approx 5-10 days from project start date until website completion*
  • CMS.10 – 10 Page site approx 7-14 days from project start date until website completion*
  • CMS.25 – 25 Page site approx 14-21 days from project start date until website completion*
  • CMS.26+ – 26+ Page site from 21+ days from start to completion depending on total number of pages*

*Based on all client source materials being provided on or before agreed project start date.

Payment Stages

  • 40% Stage 1 Advance Payment prior to project start (confirms booking and start date).
  • 60% Stage 2 Final Payment upon project completion.

Accepted payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, BACS/Bank Transfer, PayPal.

“Website Package Spec & Terms” Sheets

Sample Website Spec & Terms Sheet

We will email you the appropriate Website Spec Sheet and our T&Cs after your complete and submit a Website Enquiry form on our Contact Page to give us an idea of your business and website requirements.

  • AKIS CMS.05 Package Spec Sheet
  • AKIS CMS.10 Package Spec Sheet
  • AKIS CMS.25 Package Spec Sheet
  • AKIS CMS.26+ Package Spec Sheet

Future Updates Options

WordPress CMS software is constantly being developed and updated. As enhancements are made and security exploits are identified and addressed it is vitally important to keep your website up to date with the latest stable version of the core WordPress software and related installed plugins. It is critical that your site is kept up to date!  For that reason we include these updates free of charge for the first 12 months from your website launch and offer 2 options for updates beyond that date:

Option 1: Annual Update Package (prices listed on packages chart above).
Option 2: Per Update Package (prices listed on packages chart above).

Updates Frequency

There are usually many core WordPress updates released each year, plus individual Plugin updates, and the related work involved in a CMS website update would normally involve:  a complete backup of your WordPress website (files and database);  installing the core WordPress update;  updating the various plugins installed on your site, and finally updating or tweaking your template/theme design if needed after the update. This work can take anything from 20 minutes for simple update on a very small basic site to a number of hours for a larger site, depending on the type of update, the number of plugins and how they are affected (i.e. any remedial work) and the exact type, size and content of the website being updated.

Client Testimonials

“Great Results, Good Value, On Time… I’m very glad that I chose AKIS and would strongly recommend them.”

“Your support has been second to none and in fact I cannot imagine a comparable service. Thank you for all your support and assistance over what must be 6 years or more.”

“Thank you for your prompt delivery of service and attention to detail. It has made this a very smooth process”

“Many thanks for a great service… Your help and advice went beyond the norm with prompt action everytime.”

We would like to thank you for your services this year. Our website has been a HUGE success.

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