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Server Hardware Replacement
Client Account Migrations

To provide a continued consistent high level of service, old server hardware is being decommissioned and replaced with newer and faster hardware. This pre-emptive action is necessary to prevent and minimise the impact of hardware failures old servers are likely to face.

All AKIS client accounts (Design + Host and DIY Host) will soon be migrated to new server hardware. As with any migration, the question of disruption is always raised – we anticipate minimal or zero downtime in this migration due to the way it is being carried out.

Migration Date

The migration will begin within the next 10 to 14 days.
We will confirm the exact date nearer the time.

Further Information & Assistance

We understand some clients may have questions regarding this migration, so we welcome any and all questions. You should ask us through the usual support facility at: akishelpdesk.co.uk/request-support/ or anthonykeenan.com/contact-us/

WordPress Sites Under Massive Password-Guessing Attack

The WordPress ecosystem appears to facing its worst ever coordinated brute force attack. Content delivery network CloudFlare says it blocked 60 million requests against its WordPress customers in a single hour.

Read the story in full here.


As you may be aware there is a major point upgrade release (2.0) due on 4th March for WooCommerce – see details here on the WooCommerce site.

NB: Please do not manually upgrade any of your WooCommerce sites to the new version.

There are reported to be numerous likely bugs/issues with existing WooCommerce Themes and the new WooCommerce Core. We at AKIS will upgrade all our client sites in the usual way, but only once we have confirmation (or requisite patches/upgrades) from the Theme authors on sites where we use WooCommerce that their themes works fine with the new version.

If you have any questions in advance, or after the upgrade, please contact us in the usual way.

04 MARCH UPDATE (From WooCommerce Website):

Before you update to WooCommerce 2.0

Before you update your live website to WooCommerce 2.0, please use a test environment for all your testing. You can use the test environment as a sandbox to simulate the update and make sure your website will continue to work after you update it to WooCommerce 2.0.

We know you all are eager to start using this new version, but this is a big update, so please take your time and make sure that you prepare your website properly.