After holding our AKIS Fully Inclusive Web Hosting package prices with no increases for over 5 years, we have now increased the package prices of HOST.1 to HOST.6 as noted below with effect from 01 January 2014 and all new packages and renewals will be at these new rates from that point onwards.

  • HOST.1 – Increases from £90/pa to £100/pa (but bandwidth increases from 2Gb to 5Gb)
  • HOST.2 – Increases from £120/pa to £130/pa
  • HOST.3 – Increases from £140/pa to £155/pa
  • HOST.4 – Increases from £175/pa to £190/pa
  • HOST.5 – Increases from £225/pa to £240/pa
  • HOST.6 – Increases from £260/pa to £270/pa

We trust you will agree that these modest increases, the first in more than 5 years are reasonable but if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.