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Further to past announcements on email bounces and hotmail/live.com blocks, some clients may again be encountering one or both of these issues again on outgoing emails (due to your recipients blocking your email as Spam).  As before, this is a case of of your server being wrongly included on a 3rd Party CBL blocklist/blacklist or, on the hotmail.live.com internal blocklist.

What is AKIS doing to fix this in the short term? – We are processing the relevant delisting procedures where available and await their action in clearing us off the list.

What is AKIS doing to fix this in the longer term? – We are currently in the process of making changes to our system which will enable all accounts to use a new and ‘clean’ IP address for outgoing email.

But be on notice if you send spam! – We WILL terminate your account if you are found to be spamming and causing or contributing to this problem. See our announcement reminding of this.

UPDATE 27 Feb 7.00am – The long term fix via a new clean  mailserver IP address is now in place and email being delivered normally again to all recipients (including hotmail/live.com). 

Following the intermittent blacklisting on Spamhaus/Etc we are reminding ALL clients that if their account (or any sub-accounts/add-on domains) is found to be sending spam they will have their account suspended immediately for review and if a second offender, your account will be terminated there and then.  All per our hosting t&c’s Section 10a and Acceptable Use Policy.

Given the problems this has caused recently to email delivery we have lost all patience with users sending spam and if found to be doing so will be quickly and harshly dealt with.  In short – if you send spam emails we do not want you as a client.

We would like to apologise for the server outage yesterday and remind some Clients that as always, we kept everyone up to date via our ‘Off Network’ Helpdesk website at www.akishelpdesk.co.uk (per your welcome/site completion email instructions).  As noted in the relvant announcement, when the problem was found to be so serious, a new server was installed and all data migrated to this. We realise the significant downtime was a major inconvenience to you, but hardware does fail from time to time and under the circumstances, and with the work involved in the restore, the resolution time was the best possible. Full blow by blow breakdown remains on the helpdesk here.