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There is a lot of information and news reports floating about on this subject and it has the whole web industry up in arms… why? because the Cookie law effectively makes most UK websites illegal!  From May 2011* a new privacy law came into effect across the EU requiring all websites to ask visitors for consent to use most web cookies (*This has since been deferred to May 2012).  The majority of websites use cookies in some way or another – they are a very common technology for remembering a visitor between webpages. Cookies are commonly used for login, remembering site preferences, tracking visitors (eg Google Analytics) and more. However, the European Commission has not clearly told businesses how to comply with EU cookie laws, according to the data protection watchdog for EU institutions – read article at Outlaw.com.  There is still much confusion over the details and implementation of this new privacy law.  

References: BBC News Article on May 2011, Outlaw.com and Silktide.com web article and free eBook guide (direct download).

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WordPressSUMMARY: An image resizing utility called timthumb.php is widely used by many WordPress themes. Google shows over 39 million results for the script name. If your WordPress theme is bundled with an unmodified timthumb.php as many commercial and free themes are, then you should immediately either remove it or edit it – read the original story and full info over at markmaunder.com

UPDATE: You can now check your WordPress site using this “Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner” plugin.