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AKISWe are pleased to announce the re-launch of our stand-alone AKIS Hosting diy web hosting division website at the new address of akis.co.uk.

AKISWe are also pleased to announce the launch of a new off-network helpdesk for our AKIS Hosting diy web hosting clients at the new address of akishelpdesk.co.uk. (NB: This is only for DIY hosting clients).

We would like to inform all clients that the CubeCart software developer Devellon have announced “End of Life” for CubeCart v3 and v4 - the announcement can be read in full on their site and an extract is included below.  Obviously this means we can no longer fully support CubeCart v3 sites with the developers support, but will of course support you as far as we can – but we suggest you start planning a move to a newer ecommerce platform over the next 12 months (or sooner) since the lack of security patches could potentially be a problem in future.

There comes a time when all software reaches the end of life stage of its product life cycle. From the release day of CubeCart version 5 we plan for the following timescales concerning the end of life of older versions:

CubeCart Version 3 – Released July 1, 2005
* Official support, documentation, knowledgebase articles and forum pages will be discontinued.
* Downloads will no longer be available.
* Development, including security patches will cease permanently.

What if I wish to keep using v3 past the end of life timescales?!
Your software will never expire and there is no obligation to upgrade.

We will also be emailing all affected clients directly in the next week on this matter.