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AKISAs part of our efforts on the war against spam and ensuring our servers do not get blacklisted for spam, with immediate effect the email sending limit has been reduced from 400 emails per hour to 200 emails per hour and as before, any over that limit are discarded.  If you using mailing lists or the like you should adjust the settings to throttle the batches sent to less than 200 per hour. In the unlikely event this is not satisfactory to you, due to your specific requirements then we can offer a dedicated mail server with a 600 per hour limit for an extra charge of £6.95/month (single domain and charged on the same basis as your hosting account i.e. quarterly or annually) – if you need this then please open a support ticket.

AKISAs part of our continual upgrading and improvements to hosting services, we have a new server available and will be migrating a number of client accounts over to this  over the next few months.  The moves have already started on accounts where clients will see no downtime at all, and will shortly begin on other client accounts which might see a small amount of downtime – NB these clients will be informed in advance of the work and timescales.

Questions? If you have any questions on this process please open a support ticket via your client area or via the Online Helpdesk Form.

Bonus for Design+Host Clients: Any clients still on the old WEBinclusive packages will be upgraded at no charge to the equivalent new HOST.1/2/3/etc packages which give increased allowances – increasing your space by up to 50% (see our inclusive hosting page).

Bonus for DIY Hosting Clients: All clients packages will be upgraded at no charge to have increased diskspace and data transfer allowances, plus increases to other resources – read more below…