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WordPress 2.9.2 is now available and addresses certain security risks – see info page here. Upgrading is only required if you have untrusted users signed up and sensitive posts in the trash. No AKIS package installations are affected so we won’t be upgrading sites  immediately for this but will be upgrading all sites onver the next 7 days. Get in touch if you have any questions about this new release – or see the WordPress 2.9.2 info page.

AKIS would like to inform all clients that we no longer support Internet Explorer 6.0.  It is over 9 years old and does not support the latest web standards. This restricts us from using the latest web development technology when developing new websites.

Are you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6?  Why?!  It’s over 9 years old, outdated and poses a security risk – you really need to upgrade to a modern browser which supports the latest web features and gives you better online security (e.g. IE8, Firefox 3, Google Chrome).  Even Microsoft themselves have urged its customers to upgrade to its Internet Explorer 8.

Some of the many IE6 problems…