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Server StatusFollowing a short ‘server down’ incident earlier today on one of our servers, we thought we would take the opportunity to remind clients of the AKIS System Status Page which serves to provide live information/updates at those times (as advised to clients on sign-up and linked at the foot of all our emails).  Please remember that in normal circumstances all support requests should go via our main helpdesk but in the event of a “server down” incident then the System Status Page should be consulted – this gives  a live and updated report on any issues and their progress/resolution.

HelpIt is not going to happen, so don’t waste your time!  We noticed a Twitter tweet today that is worth remembering – whether you are a client or a designer – Web sites cannot, need not and should not look the same in all browsers. Good advice, but remember while they don’t need to look the same, you still need to make sure they are operational and work without bugs or layout faults in all browsers.

A new version of the excellent and popular Firefox has been released by Mozilla – Firefox 3.6.  This new edition of Firefox has many new features, best of which is an increase in speed – apparently 20% faster than Firefox 3.5 with improved load times, startup speed and stability.